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Heavy & Super Heavy Duty Towing Service Oahu Hawaii

Our tow trucks are built specifically as tow trucks and not as add on units.

This way they are built for longevity and their specific task is to handle large vehicles when they breakdown.

We are the " Home of Hawaii's Largest Tow Truck" which is 80 tons of fun. This size of a tow truck was the first in Hawaii for it's width, girth & size. Being so large and with a winching brake this truck sits still even for the most challenging of recoveries.

Our drivers are trained and certified in how to properly operate our trucks so that we eliminate all the possibilities of human error entering the equation when you call for towing or recovery service. Granted you cannot overrule " MURPHY " law but we use it to our advantage with additional rigging or trucks.

With Hawaii's Largest Heavy Duty Towing Fleet we guarantee that the right truck will show up for your job at hand. Everything from exotic vehicles to airplanes and everything in between.

Overweight? Oversized? Overcomplicated? We can help! Our highly experienced and highly trained staff is capable of handling virtually any request. That's a big statement to make and we have the equipment and personnel to back it up. No job is too difficult for us to handle.

At your construction site or across the island of oahu, we can get to your location in a timely manner and recover any disabled piece of equipment 365 days a year. We have the heavy duty muscle when its needed and don't have to subcontract out to other facilities.

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