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Towing Service In Oahu Hawaii

Loyalty Towing Service Inc is a locally owned and operated company serving the people of Hawaii for the last 20 years with dedication and commitment.

We have been serving the people of Oahu for the last 20 yrs.

Time after time, we're able to do what no other company can do, not only because of the equipment we operate, but because of the highly trained, experienced, and certified technicians and operators.

All our operators are CTTA & WreckMaster certified.

    • Wes Wilburn
    • Bill Jackson
    • Tom Luciano


Home Of Hawaii's largest Tow Truck!

We are a ONE STOP SHOP to include the following Loyalty Towing Service Inc
    • Light to Super Heavy Duty Towing
    • Equipment Transporting
    • Container Hauling & Spotting
    • Crane Service
    • Hawaiian Crane Service
    • NRC Rotator Services
    • Wrecker Services
    • Recovery Services
    • Short & Long Term Storage
    • Our fleet consists of 5 Large Tow Trucks, Tractor Trailer & Industrial Carrier
    • State of the art tow trucks
    • And More!

Equipment Transport Service - Crane Service - Towing Service

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Loyalty Towing Service Inc provides all types of towing from Small Vehicles, Class 6,7,8 tractors, to airplanes.

Light & Medium Duty Towing

Our tow trucks are built specifically as tow trucks and not as add on units. This way they are built for longevity and their specific task is to handle large vehicles when they breakdown.

We are the " Home of Hawaii's Largest Tow Truck" which is 80 tons of fun. This size of a tow truck was the first in Hawaii for it's width, girth & size. Being so large and with a winching brake this truck sits still even for the most challenging of recoveries.

Our drivers are trained and certified in how to properly operate our trucks so that we eliminate all the possibilities of human error entering the equation when you call for towing or recovery service. Granted you cannot overrule " MURPHY " law but we use it to our advantage with additional rigging or trucks.

Heavy & Super Heavy Duty Towing Service

Our light duty tow trucks are state of the art and equipped with all the equipment necessary to get the job done the first time.

Our trucks are state of the art and have the comfort of home with A/C & tinted windows for our customers comfort.

Our operators are full uniformed with steel toe shows, long pants, company safety shirt, safety vest, gloves & hard hat (when necessary). They are able to bring out fuel, change flat tires, unlock your vehicle, and provide winchouts of vehicles mired in mud, sand, grass, etc.

Recovery Service

Our towing operators are trained in the latest techniques to recover your auto, truck, bus, boat, or airplane without causing further damage to your vehicle.

We receive outside training from recognized industry professionals such as CTTA (California Tow Trucik Assn), Wreckmaster, Tom Luciano Tanker Class, OSHA Certified Riggers, NRC Rotator Training Class, Wes Wilburn Advanced Heavy Recovery Techniques.

All of the above mentioned classes teach us how to rig our wire rope to an object and be able to move the object within our wire rope capacities and not to overload them. We can transfer weight from our trucks to inanimate objects or holmes trees if necessary to recover your construction equipment.

Air Cushion Service - Low & High Pressure

With these low and high pressure air cushions we can lift several tons of load with just a push of a button

Low Pressure Air Cushions are used in a variety of different tasks i.e.

    • Upright tractor trailers
    • Lifting airplanes
    • Creating room for our cribbing
    • Trench Stabilization
    • Floating sunk boats
    • Lifting houses & bridges
    • Raising uneven loads
    • Bridge Stabilization

The above is done with less then 7 PSI of air pressure.

Remember one name - one number
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