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Air Cushion Service - Low & High Pressure Oahu Hawaii

With these low and high pressure air cushions we can lift several tons of load with just a push of a button

We receive outside training from recognized industry professionals such as CTTA (California Tow Trucik Assn), Wreckmaster, Tom Luciano Tanker Class, OSHA Certified Riggers, NRC Rotator Training Class, Wes Wilburn Advanced Heavy Recovery Techniques.

Low Pressure Air Cushions are used in a variety of different tasks i.e.
    • Upright tractor trailers
    • Lifting airplanes
    • Creating room for our cribbing
    • Trench Stabilization
    • Floating sunk boats
    • Lifting airplanes
    • Lifting houses & bridges
    • Raising uneven loads
    • Bridge Stabilization

The above is done with less then 7 psi of air pressure.

High Pressure Air Cushions require only 1" clearance and can lift several tons with the touch of a button.

Primarily used in low insertion situations with heavy weights needing to be lifted such as:
    • Raising uneven loads
    • Heavy Machinery Lifting
    • Building Lifts
    • Lifting airplanes wings & fuselage
    • House Moving
    • Rescue
    • Rescue Operations
    • Setting manufactured buildings in place
    • Load Shifts

Matjacks unique construction of four full layers of Aramid Fiber per side used primarily in low duty cycle applications such as rescue or three full layers of woven steel per side,used in rugged, demanding, high duty cycle applications such as building lifting and recovery, both provide for a lifting bag unequalled in strength and durability.

Matjack high pressure air lifting bags are made in the USA, are ISO and CE Certified

All Matjack high pressure air lifting bags are marked with a distinct "bulls eye" for ease of centering under the load, and have a conical, interlocking surface to limit slippage and aid in stacking.

All Matjacks have either carry handles or tabs/eyelets molded right on for lifting or attaching to fixtures. The Matjack "state-of-the-art" deadman controller allows for independent or simultaneous operation of one or more airbags.

If you have a questions about our air cushions and their capabilities please give our office a call to discuss them and see if it is something that we can help you with.

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